The "Conseil de l'Education et de la Formation"

The "Conseil de l’Education et de la Formation" in the French Community of Belgium – the CEF

  • An advisory body bringing together 28 member organisations, all the
    participants in education and vocational training



  • A place of encounters and synergies between education and vocational training






Our job:

  • The future of education and vocational training with a view to lifelong learning


The CEF is a member of EUNEC - European Network of Education Councils






Belgium, a federal state

Belgium is a Federal State composed of 3 Regions and 3 Communities. Each has its own Parliament and its own Government.

The Federal State has its own organs and separate jurisdictions.

The Regions are responsible for vocational training, and the Communities organise compulsory education, including technical and vocational and higher education.

The CEF is a Council of the French Community and its Advices concern the whole of the French-speaking part of Belgium.


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