The CEF, a cross-disciplinary Council

The Conseil de l’Education et de la Formation (CEF) [Education and Training Council] is one of the advisory bodies attached to the General Secretariat department established on 12 July 1990 (and reaffirmed in 2001) by

It has the generic mission of promoting education and training. It is therefore incumbent on it to deal with all matters concerning the future of education and training by establishing links between these two worlds.

In order to respect the specific problems of the environments of training and education, the CEF has three authorities: the Education Chamber, the Training Chamber, and the Council bringing together these two authorities and alone authorised to issue Advices.

The CEF is composed of representatives of all stakeholders in education and vocational training with a view to lifelong learning.

The Chambers manage the cases that concern them more specifically, in accordance with an agreement made in Council. But the Advices are made in Council, bringing together the two Chambers, usually by consensus.

Since 2008, the Advices have been brief and have drawn on dense and highly documented examination files, published by the secretariat under the responsibility of the chairmen.

Three project coordinators monitor the cases and conduct the examinations. They are often invited as experts to various circles in Belgium and Europe.