The missions of the Conseil de l’Education et de la Formation

  • Promoting the vocational training organised in the Walloon region and within the Brussels COCOF, and the Education organised or subsidised by the French Community, with respect for the autonomy and pedagogic freedom of the organising bodies, on the basis of the existing Council works.
  • Dealing with all subjects concerning the future of education and vocational training by establishing links between them.  It must submit Advices on all fundamental educational reforms, including any changes to the duration of compulsory education, and all training reforms, including the coordination of employment and training policies.
  • Studying the education-training-employment accord and the evolution of the employment market and opportunities upon leaving the various levels of study and training.
  • Ensuring the liaison with the economic and social environments for the determination of a policy aiming to meet the needs of education and training, and notably to ensure the necessary accord with the employment market.
  • Over the last few years, the CEF has been paying particular attention to the impact of the Lisbon process (Bologna and Copenhagen) on Education and Training.  It played a supervisory role in this field, which was replaced with a role of transmission, dissemination, popularisation and a real expertise in several European matters.