In a nutshell

The CEF is not a management organ, which exists elsewhere in the structure of the French Community, and nor it is a decision-making organ.

It is, however, an Advisory Body, which tries to have a viewpoint that is both prospective and pragmatic, given the expertise and experience of its members and project coordinators and the frequent calls upon field professionals and the results of research.

The Conseil de l’Education et de la Formation is currently the only institutional place where all levels of education and training are discussed together with all their partners. The works and debates of the CEF participate in order to avoid breakdowns: between regional and local policies, and between the lifelong learning paths of French-speaking citizens.

In this way, the CEF contributes widely to ensure that connections are stablished between the French Community, Walloon and Brussels (COCOF). Its Advices enlighten the governments concerned and are often taken into consideration in the construction of education policies.